Before you get invested, humiliated or heartbroken find out who your hot date really is.

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A dating profile is like a resume, no one hires anyone without validating a resume, so why should you go in blind?

Find out information about your significant other before the first date. Online dating is a growing industry but so is the growing rate of catfish profiles, the word Catfish has even been added to the dictionary.

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Find out information on a significant other internationally. The Check Them Out team provide reports on persons of interest across the globe. Our services include extensive research across all social platforms, legal offenses, bankruptcy, relationship stats and much more. See our service packages below or get in contact with our team for more details.

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Why Us

We have 13+ years experience in investigations and analyzing information. We know where and how to look.

The Check Them Out team has extensive experience using various types of online browsers. By using alternative key words and descriptive phrases the team can find direct results related to the person being searched.

Our team can access information on private profiles, on social media accounts and we can identify alias names, alias profiles and can locate multiple profiles.

We can source the information efficiently, we know where to start, and know what to look for. Our services are more than just stalking someone on social media - even that can be done differently to get the information you need.

Check Them Out offers multiple packages for specific searches. To purchase a service you will have to create a secure account in advance so the team can send through your Check Them Out Report.

You will be able to access your report through the account only. For your safety and the privacy of others the reports are only supplied and available through the accounts.

Our Services

Catfish Search
Including verification of who they are and basic report.

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Quick Search
This includes a Catfish search, checking of alias names and profiles. Also includes a relationship status check.
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Full Search
Includes a bankruptcy search, criminal check, Catfish search, relationship status search, alias names and profiles check.
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